No matter what type of training an athlete wants or needs, we have the equipment necessary to achieve those goals. Hammer Strength arguably has the most efficient, heavy duty, and best “feeling” machines available today. As an Official Hammer Strength Training Center, BBI has more than 22 pieces of the latest that Hammer Strength has to offer. We have 11 pieces of Nebula Fitness equipment, some of the most hardcore equipment ever built. They manufacture the benchmark in the leg press, and we have it. Pile on forty 45lb plates if you need to---the Nebula leg press can take it. BodyMasters has long been known for its functional and smoothly operating machines. We have 8 of the most popular pieces. If you like using free weight, we have tons, literally, and a lifting platform—including Eleiko bumper plates and bar for the Olympic lifters. For the powerlifters we have an electric squat rack, hydraulic squat racks, and of course the heaviest of flat and incline benches. Dumbbells are always an issue everywhere—not here. We have dumbbells from 3lbs to 200lbs. Any exercise --any weight-- we have you covered. There are York bars, Samson benches, Nautilus machines, and much, much more. All of our equipment is heavy duty and in great working order.

Stairmaster is tops in cardio equipment and we have their bikes, stepper, stair machine, and cross trainers. We also have Cybex arc trainers, Noramco and Quinton treadmills that will ramp up to a 15% incline and an 11mph top speed. Ultimately, it is just like our t-shirts say, "Is there any other place?".


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